Oxyscan 300 including needle type sensor for ink jet ink

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Dissolved Oxygen Meter including needle type sensor for ink jet ink   Professional,... more
Product information "Oxyscan 300 including needle type sensor for ink jet ink"

Dissolved Oxygen Meter including needle type sensor for ink jet ink


Professional, highly accurate measuring instrument for dissolved oxygen in liquids.
The UMS oxygen - needle type sensor can be used in most solvents as well as in weak acids and alkalis.
Made in Germany.

  • extended, extremely large measuring range up to 750 mg / L / up to 7500% saturation
  • PH or redox potential - BNC connection for simultaneous measurement
  • pH Measurement temperature-compensated


Data storage:

  • Data logger with adjustable start / stop time and measuring intervals between 5 seconds and 10 minutes
  • Automatic storage of all measured values ​​(approx. 3 months during battery operation, also mains operation possible)
  • Large internal memory (32768 locations)
  • Individual measured value storage on key press with 1000 memory locations.
  • Optionally available with GPS – to enable you assigning measured values geographically.

Control functions:

  • RC switching outputs for standard RC sockets and radio controlled acoustic signals
  • Up to 4 RC sockets with separate two-point control for oxygen (absolute or relative), pH, redox potential, temperature or air pressure
  • Two additional alarm outputs, which trigger a standard RC bell when the set values ​​are exceeded or subtracted
  • Two additional channels for optical and / or acoustic alarm on the meter

PC software (included):

  • All meter settings can be done via PC
  • Remote control: the OxyScan 300 display is shown live on the PC and the meter´s keys can be operated by mouse – theOxyScan 300 can be remotely controlled via Internet (eg TeamViewer)
  • automatic firmware updates
  • Data from the data logger are displayed as diagrams and can be exported. Data from the single data memory is displayed in a table and can also be exported
  • TCP server for online processing of the measured values, e.g. in MATLAB or LabVIEW (example programs available) on the same PC or via network - up to 32 OxyScan 300 meters per Computer


  • Air pressure measurement and automatic compensation
  • Salinity correction
  • Power-saving large graphics display (transflective with background lighting) with best readability even in direct sunlight
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Automatic activation of display and background lighting when the device is moved (can be switched off)
  • Beep (alarm and key tone) volume and frequency adjustable
  • USB port for data transfer and battery charging
  • PC software for data visualization and data export
  • Direct connection (without PC) to Epson TM-T20II printer possible - with separately available connection cable
  • Online software update.
  • Multi-tested USB power adapter (approved for medical devices) with connector options for almost all application areas
  • Operation with two standard NiMH batteries (AA size)
  • Housing seal: IP 54


Operating manuals, software, drawings, sample programs and product flyers are available in the download area.


Technical specifications:

unit of measurement measurement range accuracy
DO absolute 0.00 .. 15.00 mg/l 0.01 mg/l
  15.00 .. 150.00 mg/l 0.02 mg/l
  150.00 .. 750.00 mg/l 0.1 mg/l
DO relative 0.00 .. 150.00 %Sat 0.1 %Sat
  150.00 .. 1500.00 %Sat 0.2 %Sat
  1500.00 .. 7500.00 %Sat 1.0 %Sat

0.00 .. 60.00 °C
32.00 .. 140.00 °F

0.1 °C
0.5 °F

pH -2.00 .. 16.00 0.01
Redox Potential -500.00 .. +500.00 mV 0.3 mV
air pressure 50.00 .. 1150.00 mBar 0.5 mBar


Memory (data logger) 32768 readings
Measurement interval 5 seconds up to 10 minutes
Memory (individual readings) 1000
Parameters saved

date, time,
mg/l, %Sat, Temperature,
pH or mV, air pressure,
GPS opiton data: GPS time, latitude, longitude,
altitude above N.N.

Sampling rate

1 Hz

Power supply

2x AA (Mignon) NiMH recharchable batteries
(2x Panasonic eneloop included)

Battery life approx. 40 hours
Battery life with active data logger up to 3 months
Battery charging 3.5 hours via USB
Housing dimensions 65 x 83 x 33.5 mm (L x B x H)
Weight approx. 305 g 


scope of delivery:

Meter with needle type Sensor for ink jet ink, including USB power adapter, USB cable, calibration chamber and transport case.


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