About us

Your specialist for oxygen measuring in liquids (DO – dissolved oxygen)

Since its founding more than 30 years ago, UMS Company focuses exclusively on the development and production of oxygen meters for liquids (DO).

Numerous research institutes, laboratories and universities use our specialization and receive not only equipment, but also personal advice on all aspects of measuring oxygen in liquids (DO) from us.

Special solutions can be delivered at short notice, because all devices and sensors are manufactured in-house.

Made in Germany

After years of experimentation, we can offer - for example - DO sensors for measuring residual oxygen in ink jet ink (even solvent based and hot up to 70 degree C – 158 degrees F ) that work very reliably at low operating costs - proven for over 10 years.

Among other things, we supply for fish farmers and water protection/analysis applications customized radio transmission systems for monitoring and control.

UMS Company offers customized solutions for oxygen measurement in the fields of

 *  Biotechnology
 *  Pharma
 *  Food
 *  InkJet Ink
 *  Laboratory analysis
 *  Water protection / Water analysis
 *  Aquarium / Fish farming 

From standard sensors for fish farming and water protection through Micro sensors for quality control in the food and pharmaceutical industry to highly specialized sensors for oxygen measurement in solvent based inks for inkjet application - since 30 years our customers rely on UMS products and flexibility for special requests.

Many years of research work and experience enable us to offer innovative and reliable products meeting the highest technical standards.

Made in Germany